Es Fangar Vins.


For Es Fangar, terroir and sustainability are everything… well, ok, making amazing wines is also part of it. Everything from having beehives scattered across their 400-hectare nature preserve in Mallorca to allow the bees to enjoy the juice from bird-punctured grapes (this prevents mold…), to having nothing but bikes for the vineyard workers to go around in order to not compact the soil (and reduce pollution), Es Fangar’s commitment is unparalleled.
To say that the property is beautiful is a true understatement, but when the beauty of the wines match the beauty of the lands, you know you’re onto something special. Winemaker Daniel Morales doesn’t use fancy tricks in the winery to fix issues from the vineyards, his “tricks” start in the vineyards. Everything is grown and farmed organically, planted according to optimal soil types for native grapes, microclimates and sun positioning… they even have enough solar panels to cover their entire electricity needs.
Enough about all of that, though, you need to try these wines; they are truly special. 
Winemaker: Daniel Morales 

Twenty Twelve - Black | 2016

Callet | Cabernet Sauvignon | Syrah | Gorgollasa | Manto Negro
Organic, hand-harvested grapes.
Generous expression of fruits with violets, black pepper, cloves, and an offering of Mediterranean forest aromatics, including thyme and rosemary.

Twenty Twelve - Pink | 2017

Callet | Cabernet Sauvignon | Syrah | Merlot | Manto Negro
Organic, hand-harvested grapes.
On the nose, there is a wide range of aromas, from fresh, red fruits (strawberry and cherry) through to red flowers (roses) with a mineral background on the finish.

Sa Fita | 2017

Prensal | Chardonnay | Muscat.
Aromatic, candied white fruit, very ripe golden apple. In the background quince jelly, fine spices and a long profile of Mediterranean aromatic scrubland herbs. Complex.

Lo Cortinel-lo | 2016

Giró Blanc | Viognier | Chardonnay
After a complex intensity, mellow fruits and wild flowers begin dominating, accompanied by a soft smokiness and a mineral touch.

fangar elements | 2012

Manto Negro | Callet | Cabernet Sauvignon | Merlot | Syrah
Expressive spices, enhanced by black pepper, a burst of red fruit and a soft smoky minerality.

Fangar n’amarat | 2012

Callet | Merlot
Aromas of cocoa powder, plum compote, ripe cherry and soft roast merge to create a delicate and elegant wine.