Costers del Sió.


In 1998, with the help of friends and family, Juan de Porcioles planted the first vineyard, Vinya Vella, by hand, prompting the recovery of winegrowing in the Costers del Segre region. Juan had always dreamed of living in the country, cultivating the land and raising his own livestock.
Today, it is known as Finca de Flix, however, nn the old days, the stables and the food supplies of the Earls of Urgell (798-1413 were located in these lands in Flix, Ribera del Sió. The property is impressively beautiful; a place of quietness and tranquillity that also has olive trees, sheep and cattle raising, and a game preserve.
All of the vines are organically-farmed and the wines truly represent the highest quality and express the nuances and flavors that the rich soil and microclimate influenced by the river running through the property.
Winemaker: María Mendoza Rafales

Celistia Fuego - White | 2018

Viognier | Macabeo
Fresh and modern with notes of peach and tropical fruits, beautiful balance and complexity.

Celistia Tierra - Red | 2017

Tempranillo | Syrah
Intense aromas of forest fruits and toasty oak. A smooth, well-rounded mouthfeel with perfectly balanced tannins.

Celistia Aire - Red | 2015

Grenache | Syrah
Complex aromas of mature dark fruits, combined with coffee, vanilla and balsamic from the barrel aging. A smooth mouthfeel and balanced acidity.